Map Notes Bug

I noticed a lot of my notes have had the text deleted upon loading my save. The default “N” on the map is still marked but I have no idea what I wrote. From the pattern of which still have text and which no longer, it seems to have to do with the distance from my character. Certain sections have to take a second reload from the “# Unexplored” marks as I scroll across a large area and those seem to be the notes affected.

Seconded on 0.4. Not sure what if any of the following is relevant. My early game, I hit up most of the houses and almost all shops in two 20x20 towns (almost west-east of each other), leaving at least a custom character (not-N) for every building marked on the bigmap. I got the area map from a lab (lab1) about 5 mapsquares SW of the western town, noticed it didn’t give me a map as far south as it did north. Rolled south to explore, saw that parts of the area that lab1 map missed was “nowhere”, but it mostly visit/scoutmapped ok. Found another lab (lab2) about 20-30 mapsquares west and far south of lab1 that, when I downloaded area map, left about a labmapping-radius’s worth of space between the areas mapped by lab1 and lab2.

Then I noticed the bug, the bigmap still has my original customchars in the first two towns, but the text for them is all gone, and I can’t delete or change any of those notes (around lab1’s mapped area). I can add new notes, but they don’t leave any markers on the bigmap, only the text. The area around lab2 that I’m currently at seems to work fine. I haven’t tried returning to lab1’s area to see if notes work again.

As long as it’s just the map markers that’s affected, it’s not a huge deal considering tons of toons probably bite it in the first town or two. It’ll make scouting runs annoying though if bigmap markers can’t be edited after exploring a ways away.