Not what I was looking for, but I'll gladly take it!

This should be fairly self explanatory. I was doing some cocaine and CBMs, trying to get a few of the delicious cybernetics I got from a crashed helicopter, when it came time to put in the Night Vision. I failed the installation on a 48% failure chance, and then it suddenly gave me the High Night Vision mutation.

You have appeased the RNG gods.

And now RNGeesus will send a tank drone at your door.

…at least you’ll be able to see him! ;D

I wanted a crowbar but I got a locksmith kit instead. Not as useful for most things like bashing skulls and opening crates but eh.

That’s why I carry both.

Halligan Bar. Nuf said.

I love those, they are a good weapon and a useful tool, you can push stun if you are surrounded.

Damn RNGesus smiled down upon you today.

[b][i]“From the bits you came without night vision and without it shall you depart, for what the RNG giveth the RNG taketh away.”
-The book of Angband 4-20

Now that RNG gave you what you wanted expect hulks in every corner. I wouldn’t try mutagen either.

night vision to high night vision is realy common mutation, second is ugly to deformed

You fished your wish, I think it is still your turn.