Non-Steerable Wheels

How do non-steerable wheels affect a vehicle compared to steerable?

The positions of steerable vs non-steerable wheels is used to determine how the vehicle pivots when it turns, generally you’re going to want steerable wheels up front and non-steerable wheels in the back for it to turn remotely like a regular vehicle.

If I put on all steerable can I spin in place or slide side to side or something?

If you set speed to 10 and have all axles steerable, you can pretty much turn in your own footprint. My massive 7x20 deathmobile has axles at rows 3 and 15 and can turn around on a bridge without falling off.

Any way to get tank treads to operate like IRL? Able to pretty much 360 turns in place.

As per what malkeus said it sounds like we just need to mark them as steerable and you’re there.

My deathmobile has tank treads for the rear axle and a row of wheels with a tread in the center on the front axle, all the wheels are steerable and the TREAD flag acts as steerable automatically. What I’m trying to say is, steerable wheels and treads are functionally identical and allow one to nearly turn in place. It’s not quite a tanks rotation, but it’s close enough. I’m curious what would happen if one turned off cruise control and tried turning at even slower speeds…I’ll try that next time I can play cata.