Vehicle Construction Mishap

I built my vehicle as if it would go eastwards on the construction screen. Now what do I do? I don’t want it going sideways. Is there any hope?

2 type of tire. Place front tires as steer and rear as regular. Should correct the problem.

Ahh. What version was that feature introduced in? I only have options for one type of tire in this one.

I have always seen this as far as I know. Front tires = steerable as an option with any tire. The difference is whether or not you want your ride to fly forward or go side ways like Riding Bean lol

Should be in latest experimentals mate. Just have enough skill to add a tire and the jack needed to lift your ride and choose either =)

There’s no way to fix it, but you could use debug to temporarily ignore your physical needs an rewind time while you rebuild it. Just remember that vehicles always face up in the construction screen.