Vehicles steer like boats, as if they have a rudder

It has been bothering me for a while, the longer a vehicle is the more pronounced it is. Here is a gif to illustrate:

A schoolbus, 20 driving skill debugged in. Turning left kicks out the back end of the bus as if it had a rudder back there, the front end only starts going left once you continue on. Steering back onto a straight line, the front of the bus stays where it is and the back snaps in. Visually, it looks peculiar, and it present some counter-intuitive mechanics like if you’re stuck flat against a wall, it is easier to turn away from the wall by steering towards it.

Yes, we know. I’m planning on overhauling how steering works this release.

Oh, cool.

I /was/ going to say it depends heavily on where the keyframe is, for example the RMCC can turn damn near perfectly because I try to keep the keyframe as close as humanly possible to the center, but the Bus keyframe is, what, in the back?

…I’m gonna have to relearn how to drive aren’t I Kevin?