No-Spiders Mod

I have severe arachnophobia, and i want to enjoy Cataclysm. I really hate crossing my fingers hoping to go down into an basement of an home and hoping not to be sent into an panic attack. I was told on IRC that this kind of mod can easily be produced, but i cant code for the life of me. I would appreciate it if someone here could create one, or link me to an already existing mod. Thanks in advance

Once I have some free time I will make it for you. You just have to add it to your mods folder under the data folder.

I hate to pile on, but could you make me a no-spitter-zombie mod while you’re at it? I hate those freaking things so much. Just the spitters.

Thanks an ton and take your time.

Sure, no spitter zombie mod as well.

Mods Ready!

No Spiders:

No Spitters:

You are wonderful. Thank you so much. :smiley:

For what it’s worth it doesn’t really take any real coding chops at all, something that can been seen pretty easily just by looking at the mod file.

[ { "type": "MOD_INFO", "mod-type": "SUPPLEMENTAL", "ident": "No_Spiders_Mod", "name": "No Spiders Mod", "author": "Noctifer", "description": "Removes spiders from the game.", "path": "modinfo.json" },{ "type": "MONSTER_BLACKLIST", "monsters": [ "mon_spider_wolf", "mon_spider_wolf_giant", "mon_spider_web", "mon_spider_web_s", "mon_spider_jumping", "mon_spider_jumping_giant", "mon_spider_trapdoor", "mon_spider_trapdoor_giant", "mon_spider_widow", "mon_spider_widow_giant", "mon_spider_widow_giant_s" ] } ]
I mean you can pretty much take this as a template, change the few things that you want to be different (for example if you wanted to blacklist say, hulks, or necromancers), and drop that file into mods folder and everything should work just fine. Pretty much anything in a “.json” file works the same way, it’s all rather self-explanatory.

Yeah pretty much, mod making for this game can be learned by reverse engineering .json files. I plan on making a mod maker on batch files but I need to learn what each .json does.