No sound in game

Hi there ~

i play the latest experimental version and i just do not have sound while beeing in game. i do have sound on the loading screen and my options say : enabled → true, soundpack → basic and volume all at 100.

is this a known bug ? does someone have a solution for me ? :slight_smile:

thanx in advance and peace out

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This has happened to me a couple times, but the solution was always “take out your earplugs” or “turn off your mp3 player” or “stop making yourself deaf by shooting a .50 without earplugs” lol

Yes, that was my first assumption… the error is in front of and not behind the keybord :wink:
but sadly… none of the points you said are true. i checked → info : medical, no deaf. → earplugs : not wearing. → mp3 player : not wearing or activated at all…

but thank you for your suggestions…

BASIC has literally no sound at all, you want to select one of the other soundpacks from the launcher or download one.

i just switched to CC-sounds, that was installed with the game… and still no sound when walking, closing or opening doors…
i used to play an older version of experimental and always got sound by default.
so, back to my question if its a known bug, or did someone change the game inherent sound ?
if not, the error migth be on my side … but still i didnt change anything from my other plays with older client.

and my toon does hear sounds. i do see the little exclamation marks plus i read the text “your hear glass breaking!”

its just me who does not have any sound in game.

okay, i do NOT have a clue why… but now i do have sound!

peace out!

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Glad you got it figured out! I recently got stressed because I couldn’t hear my character walking, I guess being tiny (movement makes no sound) is causing it? I guess I can live with it as long as I can hear zombies breaking windows, slamming on doors, etc. (the essentials)

you have to install a soundpack and then set it from options

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All this time i thought the game was silent and text based…