Chesthole soundpack on linux

Hi! I’m using the linux version, one of the 0.C builds.

I spent some time trying to install Chesthole soundpack and finally managed to make it work.
I did some file moving and renaming and edited some json, starting with the link I found on reddit, and it worked in the end. But!

When trying to reproduce it for this post, I stumbled upon the windows/python launcher and tried to use the first soundpack linked from

And it just worked!
So, it is going to be easy:

  1. Download
  2. Extract it into data/sound/ path from where your game binary resides. Now you should have data/sound/Basic and data/sound/Chesthole in there.
  3. Start the game, select the soundpack in Options -> General -> Choose soundpack
  4. Exit and restart the game. Now you should hear something.

Awesome, glad to hear that you got it working.

Just so there is no confusion, the soundset does NOT work on 0.C stable as that was before sounds, as well as before color television.

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