No revivification mod

One used to be included now can’t find it. Thought maybe it got added to world settings but didn’t see it. Help please!

The mod was removed a while ago from the base game.
Or - to be exact - it got merged with “Classic Zombies” (now named “Dark Days of the Dead”).

You can still find it on its own in some modpacks though, and you can transfer it from an older version of the game. Just remember to change the “ident” to “id” within the modinfo.json file.

If you don’t have an older version anymore, you can create a folder in the /data/mods folder of your game and add this as an modinfo.json file:

    "type": "MOD_INFO",
    "id": "no_reviving_zombies",
    "name": "Prevent Zombie Revivication",
    "description": "Disables zombie revival.",
    "category": "rebalance",
    "dependencies": [ "dda" ]
    "type": "monster_adjustment",
    "species": "ZOMBIE",
    "flag": { "name": "REVIVES", "value": false }
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No Hope by night pryanik also makes it so zombies don’t revive
This particular mod is also in CDDA-NoMods-Anthology/No_Mods_CDDA_Anthology at main · Kenan2000/CDDA-NoMods-Anthology · GitHub and works with current experimental.

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seems pretty hopeful to me with it making the game easier, heh

but I thought no revive was preinstalled?

I might repeat myself, but…:

It actually makes the game harder, its a complete rebalance mod, it’s really fun if you ever get bored with vanilla, I recommend it and PK’s Rebalancing, they’re great mods.

I had old files from 0.A that had this mod, I’ve been using ever since I was playing way back when and found out zombies don’t stay dead when I burn them to a crisp. Reviving and pulping is annoying in my opinion, so I turn it off for my own sake.

If I had access to my main computer I would just attach a zip file of the mod so you can use it, but I’m in the middle of repairs so it’s not feasible anytime soon.

That probably wouldn’t translate well, (because of the ident/id change).

There’s probably also not really a need for it, as the content of that file is literally in the first response post…

The file I’m using was from 0.E, before they merged the mod with classic zombies, I think it was from version 10k. The rest was just me rambling.

Regardless I thought I’d remove any chance for failure or reliance on using notepad++ and just make the mod addition process as simple as dragging and dropping.

Plus if anyone in the future were to search for this, they can simply just drag and drop the file in the folder as well.

No need for that. Normal Windows notepad works just as well for this.

Windows notepad can insert special characters into json files which our parser will not accept.

Choose ANSI during saving; there’s no need for UTF-8 for this one.