No More Yuggs Mod

A while ago, you find Yuggs far more often on the surface than ever. i found these little wormy buggers really annoying in a game, where you encounter them early game, especially since they hide underground and still manage to make you mutate even if you wear a full powerarmor. i dont think i can hope for a change of that, but for the meanwhile , i introduced a mod that will Blacklists Yuggs from even showing up for a second! it wont blacklist any other nether creature, so you can still have your fun with Mi-Go & co.

If you want to get rid of all Nether creatures, theres already a mod for it out there on the Repo

“You think Mi-go is the No-go? then you never met an Annoying Yugg ever before. This mod will blacklist Yuggs from the game”

You can download the Blacklisting mod Here
Installation Guide: Put the Folder in Dark Days Ahead\cdda\data\mods

Tested it myself in 02.01.2023 and it works just fine, but feel free to let me know of possible suggestions