Science Labs, Bunkers, Caves, and Anthills

Have the science labs, bunkers, caves and ant hills been removed? I can’t find any in the world. I even tried the reveal all map debug cheat and there are none of the buildings mentioned anywhere. Have the been removed for 0.5 or just made insanely rare. I like playing with several CBMs and as far as I know the only reliable source of CBMs is in a lab, same with mutagen and purifier. I was just wondering whether it was a bad world gen or not.

I have the classic zombies mode enabled. Will that affect it?

Yes, it disables all of those things.

Dang, really? Why? I only wanted classic Zombies, but to keep all the other stuff, since static spawn is basically impossible otherwise. That’s a nuisance.

Classic is honestly too dull to play. I really recommend toughing it out in static until you get used to it; it’s difficult when you’re new to it, but not impossible. It gets much easier as you figure the beginning process out.

Same here Sammscale. I wanted Classic to only remove the Special Zombies, not the buildings and other stuff.
Though, I still stick to classic anyway, because quite frankly, those Electric guys and Smokers, I hate very much.

Static is hardly impossible. You just have to play it correctly. Once you do that it’s trivial.