No more pleasure in the apocalypse?

Is it just me or have I discovered a bug in Frank stable and any experimental too? Can you replicate it?

Bare with me, i was roleplaying quite hard with this character for a long time :smiley:

My poor female character has gone through hell and back surviving and thriving in the apocalypse (dark days of the dead, only way i play dda) Besting odds and challenges, meeting and or losing many people along the way, forming alliances and fighting enemies and so on and on the trials and tribulations of everything was pushing my characters sanity to the edge… time for some well deserved relaxation.

Long story short… lol. Finds a vibrator, no batteries… the irony… goes on a long adventure into a new zombie infested town and finally finds a radio and flashlight with max batteries… nearly dies on the way home with said loot… but victory was hers… until… pops in batteries, fires up the vibrator and… “batteries are dead”… :smiley: lololol the frustration… takes out batteries, replaces them, over n over… from radio or flashlight… batteries work fine in those devices… but no matter what, any batteries (light batteries in this case and yes supposed to be compatible) reloaded into the vibrator will give a “batteries dead” message even though they have charge and work in all other devices.

I actually found it very funny… but it’s clearly a bug. In frank and latest experimental.

(300/300 capacity) The batteries do not lose charge or use charge btw. Upon activating the vibrator with batteries inside results in “batteries dead” message. Vibrator was also not damaged either. When batteries not inside, activating vibrator results in “10 charges needed” message. Those same batteries can be removed and placed in any other device and they work correctly.

Thanks in advance guys. :smiley:

Oh i should say. Windows x64 tiles version on win 8.1. Dark days of the dead mod. Frank stable or any experimental version. Character was sorority girl. start was evacuee. Was a new character with frank stable. So no old save issues.

Omg… I am an idiot. :smiley: Solved the issue… How did i not notice… message was infact… “YOUR… batteries are dead”… hahaha… meaning… “you are too tired to use the freaking vibrator” lol…

Sorry guys not a bug. My character after that super long adventure was “Dead tired” and therefore trying to turn the vibrator on will not even turn it on but say “Your batteries are dead”

Hope i got a smile outta someone :smiley: