No CBMs from dissecting?

Did they remove the ability to retrieve CBMs from corpses in any recent updates? Today I dissected a few corpses and it doesn’t even give me any burnt out electronics. Neither technicians nor shockers/zappers. What happen? Is this a glitch?

CBMs are now the sole property of the Exodii faction, which is a new semi-friendly faction you can run across in the world. You can also get a quest from a new npc in the backroom of the refugee center to go take a look at them. The abilities of the zombies are now blob-magic.

I think zomborgs are the only CBM zombies at the moment. Everything else had CBMs removed in a recentish update

there is no point in dissecting besides training for med school then?

In general there is little point, though you do encounter zomborgs from time to time, so you can still get at least the occasional worthwhile dissection.

I’ve observed zomborgs have some frequency around “Crashed Pod” overmap specials. If you scout in daylight and have something like binoculars combined with auto-note being enabled you should find the odd pod now and then.

If you haven’t stumbled on it yet, take a look at Hitchiker’s Guide to the Cataclysm. I find it pretty handy to look up what I’d get from monsters or furniture. Also if you don’t mind loosing some surprise where to find particular resources. I keep it open next to CDDA Item Browser now.

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Well, if you mean dissecting Zombies, then no.
Zomborgs (and maybe failed cyborgs?) offer CBMs. And some mods add other creatures that can be dissected for useful stuff.

Also, you can get burnt out bionics from cows and some mutated creatures (build 2021-10-17-0638) when dissecting their corpses.

For another couple days yes, until the weak points stuff gets finished up and you can dissect monsters to learn how to kill them better.

Zomborgs remain cbm-rich.


Wow, i loved this hitchiker website, such a cool useful idea, thanks for the tip!!