Dissecting Z's for CBM in latest experimental: am I doing it wrong?

Yesterday my char dissected about 16 scientist Z’s, 4 bio op’s and 5 shockers of different types.

With an acto-X knive and first aid at lvl 4.

Got 1(!) non-burned out bionic and 1 mk II power from bio op, the rest are burned out shells.

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?
Like, maybe there is a HUGE dependency on some stat or something?

Are those corpses badly damaged ?

I’ve noticed it too, even with a scalpel and first aid 6 you get a lot more burnt out ones then functional ones. If it was an intentional change… well, tbh I think it was a good one. CBMs were a little too common and I think this balances it out.

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Agreed, but I want to understand if there is actually something I’m not talking into account that would significantly improve my chances.

Nothing beyond the usual. Most were killed with a bow and smashed to prevent reanimation.

Dissect roll is modified by FINE_CUT quality + first aid + 1/2 electronics - 4 for pulping
surgical scalpels cbm counts as +5 for FINE_CUT

You also get a miniature dex bonus like rng(0, (dex-8)/4) but since it’s a rng roll it’s not worth to stim up just for that.

With first aid 5, electronics 6, and x-acto it’s very rare for me to not get bionics from bio-ops.


Huh. Any ideas why I’ve got only a single mk II power from 4 bio ops, 12 scientists and 3 electric-type with first aid 4, electronics 7 and x-acto?
Playing 9112 experimental, it that makes any difference. Also, I have base dexterity of 4, can this somehow provide a major penalty?

As you said in an earlier post you’ve been smashing the bodies, which severely reduces your chance of getting functional bionics. You’ll want to leave them unpulped if you want to get any significant quantities of cbms. Dissecting then will prevent them from reviving too, so don’t worry about that.

Aww. So turn off auto-smash? Is there a way to keybind that function?

To turn it off and on? Not that I know of. I usually just switch it on when I’m done with the important ones. Otherwise I manually butcher everything for tainted tallow anyways. Which I then cook on the pile of butchery refuse.

I usually kill the super Zed, then dissect it immediately after.
Work fine for me at least.