Nixpkgs overlay for experimental builds, mods, soundpacks, and tilesets [Linux/macOS]

I’m not sure how many people play Cataclysm: DDA and also use the Nix package manager (probably not many) but I’m recently developing a nixpkgs overlay for Cataclysm: DDA.

It’s a sort of game launcher with mods, soundpacks, and tilesets manager. You can think of it as a counterpart of CDDA Game Launcher for Linux and macOS; Nix package manager is available not only for NixOS but also for the other Linux distro like Ubuntu and macOS.

As of now, recent experimental builds, most of soundpacks, UndeadPeople tileset, and a few mods are available in the overlay. The overlay is automatically updated on a daily basis by a daemon running on my laptop. Sorry when my laptop is power off!

I would be happy if you could try it if interested and give me feedback. Thanks!

Example usage

If you have already installed the Nix package manager, create a file with the following contents:

  nixpkgs-cdda-mods = fetchTarball

with import <nixpkgs> { overlays = [ (import nixpkgs-cdda-mods) ]; };

cataclysmDDA.jenkins.latest.tiles.withMods (pkgs: with pkgs; [

Let its file name be, say, example.nix. Then, executing

> nix-env -if example.nix<ENTER>

on your shell will install the latest experimental build with Cataclysm++, Otopack, and UndeadPeople tileset.


oh! now this is spiffy. Back in the “before times” I would usually maintain a game on my windows and mac and have a shared save dir between them (via google drive or some such) — keeping the mac up to date with a brew reinstall each time. This seems pretty good!

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Now, installation of Bright Nights is supported. My next goal is to support more mods, probably from Kenan’s modpack.