The Open Source CDDA Starter bundle (includes launcher, utility, and a bonus mod

Download from google drive!

hello, i would like to present a compilation bundle of other peoples work, which is open source. The reason compiled this bundle is to help others find the two utilities in one convenient bundle. They are: cataclysm_utility and cdda-launcher, plus a copy of my unique mod i made. The other stuff i in no way created. I only bundled em up.

If you never heard of the utiliities in this bundle, i can explain them to you:

cdda-launcher.exe is a game updater, installer, and launcher, open source and made by a community member. If anyone has his username, i would love to list em as the creator in the wip credits thing

cataclysm_utility.exe allows for transfer, saving, and downloading of any cars you make in game, to other saves, or to swap out other cars

and finally, the state trooper deluxe mod is included. that is the only thing in this i made, other than the complimentary cars i added in saved_vehicles subfolder :slight_smile:

Readme included. Both .zip and .rar are downloadable…here:

Download from google drive!

Rémy Roy for creating cdda launcher

edit: i’m an idiot…seems the main one is literally pinned on front of forum…

again, for the record, i did not make the two .exe things. at all. just put em in a convenient bundle

fixed my mod and still trying to find out who made the utility thing so i can give them credit. anyone know who did it?