Advice on finding rare CBMs?

I’ve recently discovered the plethora of ways to get my hands on CBMs, and I’ve found some really cool and useful ones. But I’m looking for Uncanny Dodge. I have been on a quest to acquire it for a full in-game year.

So far, I know of the following methods of obtaining CBMs:

-Bio-operators (which now appear to be the only way to get Mk.II Power Storage)
-Fancy electronics stores
-Science labs
-Bank vaults
-Science and military field test massacre sites (the ones that always have an Amoebic Mold and a Gracken nearby, along with a Kreck and/or Mi-go)

Can anyone point me in the right direction to look? I don’t want to keep just doing everything at once, it’s starting to get tiring and I already have 8 Time Dilation CBMs.

So far, the Operators seem to consistently have the best of them, but that’s pretty much all I have to go on, and the only thing I have seen less than Operators is Pigs. Sometimes the scientists have some really interesting ones like Railgun, but I think that’s me getting very lucky.

(I’m also hoping all it does is apply your normal dodge rating to projectiles. She already has an effective dodge of 25, that’s all I really want it to do. )

In the past I’ve found it in bunkers, I think it’s where the really fancy CBMs can appear.
You might have to keep exploring Labs, Bank Vault and bunkers until you find it.

Well there’s also crash sites. But my recommendation would be Labs. You never know if you’ll get lucky and find a huge room full of CBMs.

If you’ve got Time Dilation then you’re looking in the right places. If you’ve got eight of them and no uncanny dodge then I think that means the RNG hates you of late.

Time Dilation and Teleportation Unit are found in Bank Vaults.

Bunkers have “Milspec CBMs”, including Uncanny Dodge. Same with Bio-Operators.

It’s possible you can find Uncanny Dodge on Scientists. You’ll have to check the CBM drop lists.

They also have Probability Travel, just for anyone else reading this.

Thanks for the input guys. It should help a lot.

I kill and dissect zombie super soldiers for CBM. They are likely to be in a mod I have installed