"new" UPS questions

So, I have the bionic “Internal Unified Power System” and it’s turned on. I added a UPS conversion mod to my mp3 player. I get the message “mp3 player’s batteries are dead”.

Can someone please explain to me how it is supposed to work after the new update, or have a I found a bug?

The mp3 player needs to be charged to at least 1 charge to work. Working UPS bionic should charge it to 1 after a single turn, assuming you have enough power.

If you have power, UPS bionic turned on and yet mp3 isn’t charging, that may be a bug.

ups bionic is toggleable now? good…

Yep, You just go into the Active bionic menu and toggle it on like any other bionic.

Perfect! That did it! That behavior should either be more obvious or better documented, but I’m happy that it works now. Thanks.