UPS MP3player conversions and damage dealt off-screen (but within view range)

9602d15 is the version, windows console.

Two bugs to be reported. the first is that using the UPS conversion kit on an MP3 player (atleast a loaded one) results in a broken item.

The second is that when something takes damage off what you can see (but your char could, even if it is blocked by buildings) the animation things pop up next to your character.

Windows graphical, latest experimental build (04b9ef8)

Similar issue - when I apply a UPS conversion kit to a mp3 player (running either a personal UPS bionic or a standard UPS) and switch it on, it stays “on”, but does not play the music (no ‘music messages’ in the event list) and seems not to have ceased providing a morale bonus (slowly decreasing in regards to when I had been playing the battery-powered player).

If I apply the UPS kit to a flashlight, it shows it to have one charge -> “flashlight (off) (1)” regardless of how long I let it sit in my inventory with an active UPS. Sure, it works, but the light range is severely limited (half ?) in respect to what battery-powered flashlights provide.

Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug ?