(Experimental Build) No longer able to see UPS conversion modified item's charge?


As of updating to the latest experimental build this morning, I am no longer able to see the charge of items with a UPS conversion mod, or the capacity of my UPS. Is this intentional or a bug? (Note: My converted Electrohack still shows charge, as well as my converted Makeshift welder)


seems to be fixed on latest builds, but mounted kitchen, welders etc are not working anymore, says it has 0 charges as the vehicle battery is full (when u use it to repair, warm food etc…)


I reverted my version after this, guess I’ll just keep waiting for it to be fixed, thanks


Same thing with me, I don’t even think my Internal UPS CBM is charging things. Started a new character Wasteland Cyborg I think the name was, starts with a coil gun and a tactical tonfa, the flashlight and shock function isn’t working due to insufficient power, despite my UPS CBM being active. When batteries got changed recently, it seemed to break UPS dependent objects.