New trait idea

I forgot the name I had on mind, but the point is you get attached to the weapon you used the most and are worse with everything else.

Favouritism maybe? That sounds like a good idea to me.

I don’t know the proper term, but the trait name should be “I call her Winona” in honour of John Crichton from Farscape.

Or how about a hidden familiarity tag that increases and decreases independently of skills that has a set limit. It could work with a penalty to guns you’ve not used before by reducing said penalty. This serves the purpose of meaning you can’t pick up a weapon and immediately be perfect in its use. The speed at which familiarity rises could be affected by skill in the weapon category and could drop with prolonged use of a different weapon or disuse of said weapon. So too could melee, archery and/or firearm familiarity exist independently or mutually with each other to penalize or increase the synergy of a melee-ranged cross class.

Sound good, but only if tweaked for similar guns.

There should be a trait called “Vampire”, where you like meats and spam uncooked.

So, touching Sasha has stats backing it up? Hmmmm.

A familiarity system like this has crossed my mind before, where you learn about specific weapon types in addition to gaining skills with handling general types of weapons, but I’m not sure yet another layer of stats is called for.

Especially a hidden one. Agree.

I think it should be a trait, not something mandatory.