Blunt and bladed affinities

what about some kind of initial traits like ‘Blunt affinity’ or Blade affinity’? I personally, while knowing how to use and defend against them, dislike bladed weapons and prefer blunt weapons. If SHTF, I actually have a a 16" white wax-wood club with riveted studs and a wrapped grip that I made that would be my go-to over even the most expensive blade. It would be nice to be able to have that reflected in a character without necessarily having to spend 3 points on a martials arts weapon skill.


Blunt/Blade/Fist affinity- You deal slightly more damage and are slightly more accurate when wielding your preferred weapon type.

something like +20% to-hit chance and +20% damage done when wielding your preferred weapon type.

you wouldn’t get any extra ‘special moves or attacks’ but this would help reflect your personal preferences.

Or the game could be kept like it is as far as the starting traits go and the game would simply keep count of the hits landed granting profiency level as a certain treshold is passed?

I basically suggested that in my other thread which atm is RIGHT below this one ;). people dont seem to like it so I’m trying this route instead

I kinda think that was the easiest way to give a player to reason to use same weapon instead of picking one for a occasion.

Isn’t this just putting a point into the bashing skill at the beginning? Maybe in addition to starting skill points we could pay for favored skills to give them a small bonus in XP gain or a better chance at gaining XP. Like maybe a point into favoring marksmanship gives you an effective +1 PER for the learn to marksmanship roll?