New toon with 0.D or continue current?

So with 0.D out im wondering if i should keep playing my current dude or start a new one. My worry is that if i update something will break and i really like my current dudes chances at making it to winter (91 day seasons).

But i kinda want to try 0.D with a fresh face.

Whatch’all doing?

If you haven’t been playing experimental then you should probably make a whole new world so the new stuff will all generate.

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Im playing last week fridays experimental build… i forget which. It isnt that old but when i loaded the toon i got a bunch of appearance based error messages. Stuff like brown hair not found or something–i dont remember exactly. I havent updated since.

Planning to update when i get home. I just have to google making a backup.

Shouldn’t matter too much, it’ll only be a big change for people who haven’t been playing experimentals.

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Made a backup and updated. So far so good. Decided to make a new dude with different mods.

Decided to make a Teacher. Hmm… think I’ll make a shop teacher.