¿How does updating the game affect my old saves or old worlds?

So every time i see in the update log a new monster update, a new building or a existing structure geting change or added, i get the question in my head ¿Do i need to make a new world so that the changes can take place or not?
In short im strugling to understan the difrences betwean a old generated world and a new post update created one. ¿Dose the changes happen when i re introduce a charecter in the old world,this is like a never ending loop for me at this point.

90% of the time, no, but there can be exceptions, Kevin mentioned that you shouldn’t need a new character for O.D. if your character is in experimental right now… And O.D. is just a re-cap of the past couple of years too, because burner zombies were added; but where quickly removed thereafter.

I do with my saves the same way I handle my Skyrim saves:

If I change a mod, and if it isn’t a graphics mod, delete the saves and start new.

Doesn’t matter if it is a big or small mod, I’m better off starting new and avoiding a headache with unexpected bugs and crashes.

Similarly, doesn’t matter if your save is just recent or from 0.A, even a small bugfix can break your game (because that bugfix might make breaking changes, like a function typo fix).

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