New Reading Screen

I like the screen for reading with the info on it but I’d like to request a few things:

  1. Show info about the book even when it’s too dark to read (show the info and add it’s too dark to read). If our character knows all this summary info already it’s not like they forget when it gets dark. I might be grabbing some books to take to a light source or before turning on a light source (and I already know it’s too dark to read but that’s ok).

  2. Consistency. When you examine a book it tells you how many minutes per chapter, which gives you an idea of how long it’ll take to read a book. The time info on this new screen is a bit odd to me. I don’t know why it lists turns instead of time, and don’t really know what the time means since I’ll see something like “5 minute” and that does’t match the time/chapter from the info or the total time it’d take to read. This is probably just me not immediately getting what I’m seeing but I have no clue what the time stuff means on this screen.

The times you see in the reading screen is the modified actual time it takes per chapter. Several factors modify the reading times:

  1. Your character’s INT
  2. The traits Fast Reader or Slow Reader
  3. Current lighting level

Do we have any bionics that download the pages?

Would be a great bionic…if a bit balance breaking. But it would exist when you think about it. If we have bionics, doing the whole “Matrix” learning thing…sure why not?

The flesh brain wouldn’t hold it, the bionic would just grab the information from the pages to process it and then store it in the bionic. If the bionic were super rare and difficult installing, well good. If the bionic were removed, the information learned after the install of it would be gone as well. It would be like instant memory loss…but not damage because it wouldn’t actually be damaging the brain due to no storage being placed in the flesh bits.