Fast reader: actually a disadvantage?

I’ve been trying different traits that I don’t usually take, and I’ve found a semi-amusing scenario that arises due to how moral ticks over.

Not sure if it’s really a bug, per-say, possibly an unintended feature?

The faster you read, the less time your moral has to equalize while you’re reading, and thus it takes more morale to maintain your ability to read.

This means that, with slow and normal reading, you can keep your morale good enough just with a car stereo, but with fast reading/high intelligence you can’t go more than 30% into a low morale book without stopping.

well fast learner is far better than fast reader anyway, fast reader is good only for early-medium game and when you want to quickly rebuild your dead character on this same world with acces to your base

for morale issues i never run into that even if my inteligence is 30+ (stimulant overdose) because i supply a lot of morale modifers to keep my focus high (without focus it take alot of time to learn anything even with 10% read time)