It kind of feels odd to me that we have all these libraries, but most of the books are identical. Any chance we could get a system to fill the world with an assortment of randomly generated books? I’d envision it looking sort of like this, only with future-modern books instead of fantasy ones.

Similarly, it’d be nice if you could get more of a mood/skill bonus by reading books you haven’t read before; that way, you’d actually have an incentive to collect your own library, setting aside some space in your base for a growing array of bookshelves.

Meh, I personally dont mind the lack of books since i dont heavily rely on them except for the skills I need eg electronics, mechanics and archery.

I think he’s referring to stuff like “spy novel”, “drama novel”, etc.

it would also be more interesting if after reading a series of non-tech books, like spy/drama/scifi , it would unlock a unique recipe. For this it would be needed numbered books, like spy novel volume 1 to 10. Or even a special trait… or a map to a special location.

I always assumed that they aren’t the same books, but are listed by genre. I mean it’s not like your character ever gets tired of reading them, do they?

But randomly generated titles could be both amusing and distracting. So if it can be easily done, awesome. Can be a little time-consuming coming up with lists of words to use in generation, though.

I have an idea. Just use a set list of titles with occasional bits where random generation comes into play. Stuff like The [GIRL/BOY] With The [FICTIONAL CREATURE] Tattoo or The [LOCATION] Incident for spy novels.

I like the unlocking recipe idea, or you get a perk, like if you dont have light step and you read the spy novels youll get it? I dunno

Picklock kit recipe from spy novels, rock heart (not a single fuck given about your mom dying or those children suckers being headshotted) from drama novels, a little (or big, depends on the size of your stick…) morale bonus that lasts for days after reading a Playboy, laser sabers (or laser stuff, everybody loves lasers) from scifi-novels, easier to become boy/girlfriend with npcs (When they are not bugged as hell) from romance novels and different recipes from high-level books (like a little robot helper after finishing “Robots for fun and profit” or own personal computer from “Computer science 301” where you can read stuff about zombie blood or “porn” & misc usbs)

That strikes me as taking books too far. They shouldn’t get you free skills and items when it doesn’t make sense. Where did the robot come from? Why does reading romance novels make you be a great boyfriend rather then an obsessive stalker as most romantic novels do with their male heroes? Cataclysm is not a realistic game but that wouldn’t fit the Cataclysm universe. Even with the original idea, who’d hide treasure maps inside fairly popular books?

Those free skills and recipes are supposed to happen after you read all the books of the same class.

Also, the robot idea came from a book I have in the basement. Its a large guide to build an electric robot that carries stuff around and its annoying and loud as hell

Im with you in the fairy tales and stuff, its not realistic. But hey, are hydrogen guns realistic? Mutations? …

They are realistic within the context of Cataclysm. However, there’s nothing indictating that Cataclysm books have the magical ability to make robots appear from nowhere and has excellent tips on dating midway through a romance book.

Recipes, like the sentry recipe. Not actual magic. You dumb cheese

Still, one would think you’d get the ability to make robots not from reading all the books in a series, but rather being able to make robots because you’ve read a book entirely on making robots.


Okay, I guess that’s reasonable.