New, more real style amunution system, maybe?

Without support for generic containers in code, there is little point to do those boxes as actual items, i think. Maybe later it’s gonna change. I’m leaning towards “virtual” containers, a sort of stacking improvement, similar to magically appearing ammo-boxes in JA2. Let’s say our char is organized enough to not carry a shitload of single rounds just piled-up in theirs backpack, and wraps them in nice paper boxes of some kind.

As a side note: In my times spent for the motherland, if one from my comrades fucked up on the firing range, they would carry home (to the barracks, i mean) a simple bag full of single 7.62 mg rounds, about 5-6 kilos. And very unwieldy. Well, it’s sounds funnier than it is IRL :smiley:

I propose a compromise:

The ammo system is kept as it is currently, with one slight modification:

Bullets are limited, by type, to how many can be stacked.

This means little to no extra micromanagement, but means that you cannot fit 5 000 rounds of 00 shot in a single inventory slot: Neither on your person or in the trunk of a car.

The only thing that worries me about this compromise, is how do we determine, how much ammo must take up entire precious slot? Or not so precious, as i have seen some traces of work put into getting rid of current limit by available letters. Maybe it would be better (for now, until backpacks/vests will become something more than “a bag”) to leave limiting carried ammo by weight/volume, that each “stack” or “box” or whatever we call it, should obviously have?