New Mod: Bat Clothing!

Made a mod by request of a younger cousin of mine!


Play this and make the armor within to make some friends around here (hint hint).
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Last Day mod - Mod DB


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I mean, I may or may not have started working on that =)

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Then we have a x64 version of Last Day:

Anomaly is not made by the same crew. But they do use the same stock of ideas and items etc. There also is a texture pack given out for Anomaly to make it run better, while maintaining the Last Day graphics. I would also recommend a True Foam graphics for water. But I don’t have the files on this machine. If you can find them. They make water look photo realistic with no rate loss.

Keep in mind that v1.5 is a few months out and the bugs currently in Anomaly are MUCH worse than that of Last Day.

One last comment is to find the solo mod that allows vendors to buy back broken weapons of 30%. They don’t ALL buy junk gear. Flea Market guy won’t buy stuff(ironic?) But many others will. Kinda annoying but realistic even though it was a bug :wink:

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