New minimal site themes imported, try em out

I just imported a new minimal theme that people might be interested in trying out.

This theme focuses on reducing clutter of the frontpage, it doesn’t change much (if anything?) about thread styling.

Go to profile (your avatar icon in the upper-right corner of the page)
-> Preferences (the :gear: icon)
-> Interface (bottom of menu on left side of page)
-> Click on Theme combo box
-> Pick either “Sam’s Simple Theme” or “Sam’s Simple Theme Dark”.
Post what you think about it here.

This is an example of what you can do with discourse theming, if you want to browse around in and make suggestions about imports of new themes, I’d be happy to add some. If there are some simple tweaks I can generally handle that too (“Sam’s Simple Theme Dark” is a palette swap of the original “Sam’s Simple Theme” I whipped up in a few minutes).

If you’re looking for actual css or javascript ability, you’re going to have to find it elsewhere ; )

Just tried out the dark version, and it looks neat. From my POV, clear spacing between each topic and overall neatness. NOICE!

Simple theme is better than simple theme dark. Simple theme dark: The colors and boxes don’t mesh well.

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Lemme know what colors would mesh well and I can edit them.

Can you create a variant instead of overwriting simple theme dark?

If you want the topics table to be striped, i would suggest brighter background-colors of each odd child of the table. #212020 looks nice.
Also <th> color is too dark, #9a9a9a looks better, and some of <th>s seems to have :hoover with brighter colors which looks weird for “Replies” and “Views” (cause of they text-align is different).
Topic titles are too big, the table header font size is small. Maybe set both of them to 16px.
Of course this is only my opinion.

Btw, my previous post showed me, that i can do some html-injections. For example i was forced to manualy replace all ‘<’ and ‘>’ with ‘& lt;’ and ‘& gt;’ because they were rendered as real html tags.
So i can’t really inject scripts, but it’s still clumsy that my text can be rendered as html.

Yes, but if it’s an improvement, why keep the old one around?

It’s a subjective improvement that will fuck up OmegaTenRice’s UI in a way they can’t change.

oh no, this is a fork, I’m not writing to their github.

Links to the topic starter profile are hard to see.

I’ve just been using the default dark theme. I tried out the new dark theme you(kevin) added, but everything is a tad bigger on screen(which I didn’t like so much), so I just went back to default dark after a couple minutes… I think I’ve gotten used to this forum and the dark theme, so might be why I didn’t like the new dark one.
I don’t mind this forum at all, unlike some of the others who want to go back to smf or whatever. It seems to have everything we need, and a lot of the complaints seem to just be people who didn’t realize a feature they wanted was already here, but they just couldn’t find it.

A few edits, though I seem to have broken striping somehow?
I’m actually really out of my element here, so I’m going to call that good enough for the moment.