Forum looks weird all of a sudden

Text is all grey and dark now for some reason. Looks the same on every device. I did not adjust the interface either…


I noticed that too, but you can fix it by going into Settings (Preferences/Lil’ Gear Icon when you click on your Avatar/Icon), Clicking on the “Interface” Tab and changing the theme from “Dark” to “Sam’s Simple Dark”


Yeah I have after I looked at the interface. I kind of liked the old blue text color though. Is someone tinkering with the forum code?


Hopefully there’ll be an option to have the theme like it was before…

Oh, yeah, I hate this. Change is the enemy.

But thanks for pointing out it can be changed in settings, didn’t know that was a thing.

EDIT: >_< And it changed my icon. Now instead of a frownie circle I’m a frownie square.

There is not enough contrast here, it’s hard to even see anything.

I slaved over getting the css right for hours (mostly figuring css out) about a year ago. Today an update to the theme droped and overwrote my changes, breaking the dark variant (the header and every alternate field reverted to a light background). I hacked in a quick fix to at least return it to being dark, but IDK what the original color values were.

Tl;dr if you either have a better grasp of contrast than me (you probably do) or you have the old values handy (wayback machine?), feed em to me as hex rgb values and I’ll patch em in.

Alternately you might have just been looking at it when I was scrambling to fix it.

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I can barely read what i’m typing. Any idea what happened or how to fix this?

I was going to ask this too as a matter of fact. It just suddenly happened for seemingly no reason. I thought it was just me.

Answer to the forum issue

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For the time being if you can read this(no sarcasm) try this:

Click your icon and enter into preferences–>Left side all the way down = Interface --> Themes = Simple Dark

Should clear up enough to let you not go blind reading stuff.

Thanks for trying Kevin all the same. I know how sucky it is when stuff goes awry. I just lost 8 hours of a project yesterday because of a small glitch. I wasn’t happy -_-

Sorry if this shouldn’t be it’s own thread, but the discourse is displaying grey text on a grey background. I miss the old white text on black/grey. Is it a bug on my end or is there some way to change it back. It’s a major eye strain and kinda keeps me from actually reading all the threads because it’s so bothersome.

I am having the same issue. Both Firefox and Chrome have it.

Kevin has already addressed this in another thread, sadly I don’t have the direct link for you though.

Oh okay, I thought I had done something to fuck it up. Thanks guys.

EDIT: I found Kevin’s answer. Would have seen it were it not for the contrast issues. Sorry to make a thread on something that’s already been answered.

Read my post to change the theme through pref–>interface–> themes

For now at least you can read little easier =)

So I finally tracked down the problem, I accidentally made an edit to the “dark” color scheme when I was trying to fix the “Sam’s dark” theme, but didn’t realize it because I use the “Sam’s dark” theme.

It should be fixed now, let me know if there is a remaining issue (including the color being “not quite right” instead of “unusable”).


I think you nailed it kevin, It looks right now.

Looks good now. Thanks Kevin.

YAY! I have been given sight!
Thank you almighty Kevin!

I shall name all horse-like mounts after you in your honor!