New Here, Some things I'd like to see

Hi, I’m Letto, I’m a 25 year old Single Male from Southern Ontario, Canada, I’m relatively new to Rougelikes, only Rougelikes I’ve played is the original Ragnarok using Dosbox and I just started playing C:DDA Yesterday. anyway i like Video Games and Anime so here are some things I’d like to see added based on those:
Multi/Custom Professions: I think it would be cool to choose 2 or More Professions and put them together into 1, For Example, a Student, Otaku, and something else, let’s say Security Guard, Would have the Backpack and Zombie Survival Guide from Student, Sewing Kit from Otaku (Possibly the Costume also, Unequipped) and everything from the Security Guard, it would be a Student who’s a Otaku who was working as a Part time Security Guard to earn money to go towards School/Student Costs, Would have all the cost’s totaled, so a skill point cost of 3 for my example.
Gun Nut: a Gun Fanatic/Otaku, NRA Card Holder, was at a NRA Meeting when Zombies Attacked, he was the only survivor of the meeting, Start’s off with Basic Camo/Army Clothing, Remington 700 (30-06) with a box of ammo, Backpack or Fanny Pack (or Purse for Female), Hunting Knife, Would have +2 Rifle, +1 Markmanship and Shotgun (or +2 Markmanship if no Shotgun Bonus)

Highschool: You were at School when it happened, you Band together with Fellow Students and fight your way out of the School and try to Escape to a Safe Zone and Survive, you start off in a Highschool where you could loot Desks, Shelves and Lockers/Cupbords for Food/Drinks, Books, Equipment/Uniforms or Contraband/Illegal Stuff (Knifes/Swords (Rare), Guns (Very Rare), Drugs/Cigarettes, Tools (Nail Guns, Wrenches, Saws), ETC.) (Sidenote: Think HotD)

I don’t know if there is sound/Music in already and it’s not working for me or not, but I think it would be a lot better with sound effects and Music, I know there’s a Music Volume Option under the Graphics tab, but I’m not hearing anything.

I’ll edit if I can think of something else, I’d request some guns but I don’t know what’s already in game besides what Profs start with and a Remington 700 (30-06) in a Pawn shop with no ammo in my last playthrough that failed as I died shortly after (decided to go to pawn shop from start to look for a gun, swarmed on the way, got there and found a gun but no ammo) so I don’t want to request dupes.

Edit: Cross-dressing Trait: Moral boost for wearing clothing of the opposite gender (Like a Male wearing a Bra and Pantys and a female wearing Boxers, ETC)

Dual wielding: can use 2 handguns and certain SMGs at the same time or have a key to toggle Which one to use (EG, Dual Uzis, have a Key that toggles fire gun in right hand, Left Hand & Both Hands), switching hands could help reserve ammo and stay on the offensive/defensive while reloading (Fireing Right Gun while reloading Left Gun, possibly have a reload time penalty while doing this)

Fire-retardant Gel: Can be applied to Someone or something (including Buildings/walls) to give them the effect of Nomex (Fire Retardant Material?)

Edit 2:
New Area/Structures: Airports, Would Vary from small Private strips to large international airports and military air bases, would have a lot of zombies from people who was trying to escape via air travel, Military airbases would have security like any other military bases.
Ports and Naval/coast guard Bases, like above but with people trying to escape via water, boats/ships could spawn here if the boats mod was selected when creating the world

Vehicles: Planes, would be at Airports and random crash sites, along with some Navel bases for Naval/coast guard aircraft, would vary from ultralights to Jumbo/Military Transport Jets (Would add Jet Engines (Can be added to cars to make a Jet Dragster or something?) can be driven (just think of the carnage of going through a horde with a prop plane cutting them to bits with the prop), or…

Skills/Transportation: Pilot/Flying, the ability to fly planes around the map, would be like driving but faster and you have to manage altitude along with speed, maybe you could be a…

Professions: Pilot, before the world went to hell you were a Pilot (could have various Profs based on it like student pilot (No Pilot skill), Private pilot (1-3 Flying skill), Commercial Pilot (3+ Flying skill), Military/Navel,coast guard pilot (Like Commercial Pilot, but starts with a gun and better Equipment))

Training/past time: Video games/simulators, can be played on game consoles/computers/consoles, can be used to get skills like from books but can be done at night because of the Lit screen, could vary from FPS games (Like Call of duty/Doom/ETC for example, would give a small boost to marksman skill and a even smaller boost to other gun skills), Flight simulators (to help boost Flying skill), Racing Games (to boost Driving Skill, Bigger boost if using a Force Feedback Wheel and Pedals but not necessary), ETC.

Combining proffesions seems interesting. I just do not know how they are balanced then. Might need some work.

To my experience :

Theres so many guns in this game that i am convinced that it doesn t need more… though i am sure as well that many other people will dissagree there… and therefor add even more weapons xD

-200 to the HOTD route… And it seems that profession is you in a sense…

Anyway, welcome to the forums! Don’t feed the ninjas.

Throws cake at ninjas

throws six cakes and a baby

I shall save the baby!
flying omnomnom special aerial strike .
/baby has been consumed midair
/you feel well fed

pass by, looking at the feeding party
/you have an omnious feeling
keep walking, without looking behind

[quote=“Lord Letto, post:1, topic:8218”]Sounds:
I don’t know if there is sound/Music in already and it’s not working for me or not, but I think it would be a lot better with sound effects and Music, I know there’s a Music Volume Option under the Graphics tab, but I’m not hearing anything.[/quote]

I THINK there’s a system for music semi-programmed in game, but still not implemented…

just edited OP with more ideas

Cross-dressing? Maybe. Dual wielding? Near impossible, but it would go in if you coded it yourself. Fire-retardant gel? Would require duplication of almost every tile in the game, so no.

I don’t know about cross dressing? In any case, it should lower the morale wearing other kind of clothes. If you are a cross dresser you wear the other kind of clothes to feel normal, not happy?

Cross dresser was a trait in past version, but got scrapped for two reasons

First, most clothing in the game is unisex, the few exceptions that exist are either underwear or dresses. Female and male versions of certain clothes could perhaps be introduced where it makes sense, but that’s a lot of work for not much of a gain.

Second, due to the reason above, the cross dressing trait was rather unbalanced. It offered male cross dressers more benefits than female ones.

Once those issues get fixed we may see the trait again.

The longer we wait on it, the more arbitrary assigning gender to clothing is gonna get anyway. But yeah, nowhere near enough gendered items, nor an even number of them for the trait to work fairly.

I do however, find the mixed-class approach an interesting one provided they can be balanced well.

Fire-retardant gel seems best applicable for non-clothing items, but I speak as someone who has skin reactions to very mildly-irritating things so the idea of slathering fireproofing chemicals into my clothes kind of terrifies me. For those not me, I still question how safe that might be for one’s body. XD

Dual-wielding guns is awesome until you have to reload either of them. Then both of your hands are full. Would reloading times take longer to compensate? I do not know. I am unfamiliar with gun use and how to reload them. If such a pro/con tradeoff were the case, it seems an interesting candidate for a different playstyle when it comes to weapon use.

Just added Edit 2 for more interesting and useful ideas.

On the idea of the mixed-profession thing. How plausible is a “create a profession” option.
Gives a list of various different items, profession traits, CBMs and skills, all assigned a specific point cost. You can select which ones you want, name the class and save it for other survivors to use.
May work a bit better than the mixed-profession idea, depending upon how difficult each would be to code and balance.

Planes and flying are something that’s been considered I believe, would require Z-levels to be able to handle something like that and I’m not sure if it’s anywhere near that stage yet.
The simulators are a bit odd, and are pretty much the same as reading a book, which you can do at night by standing next to a console anyway.

Any time I shoot down your ideas, it’s because of difficulty to code. Keep that in mind.

Airports? Kinda difficult, it would go in if you coded it. Airplanes that fly? Near impossible, it would go in if you coded it well. This one would probably need an overhaul of z-levels, which isn’t happening any time soon. Learning skills from consoles? Near impossible, and it might not go in if you coded it.

On the topic of flying, I recall seeing a branch of Cata that had flying mechanics implemented, using basic Z-levels, though I can’t remember where I saw it, it wasn’t anywhere near finished enough for mainline release either. It’s not entirely impossible though, but would require a lot of work and take up time that could be better used adding hundreds more features.

[spoiler]Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the lore state that the government went through a constructed portal to a space station to avoid the Cataclysm, and part of the plans for DDA eventually involve being able to go up there. Wouldn’t that be the basis for flight, although it’s more likely and easier to code that you’d also use a portal.

Edit:[quote=“i2amroy, post:15, topic:8097”]At this point the military has potentially suffered several attempted decapitation strikes, has lost tons of their crack-team soldiers in failed last stands that ended up with them nuking themselves, and (in a still unimplemented feature) has had a large portion of them retreat through their own portal to a deep-space station, doing there absolute best to close the portal behind themselves.[/quote]
I’ll assume i2amroy knows the lore far better than I do[/spoiler]