New Guy Question

Hey there, I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question or not. If it isn’t then I hope the admins will move it.
I have a queustion that has been really bothering me. In my inventory I have an item (a shirt) that is hotkeyed to a character that looks like “l.” At first I thought it was a lower case L, but it is not. In the typography of the game it looks like a lower case L does on this forum. Can anyone help me out? It isn’t exactly a big deal, but it’s driving me nuts.

That would be “|”, generally mapped to shift-"" on US keyboards. That’s the key above “enter” and below “backspace”.

It’s called a ‘pipe’. just a fun fact, US keyboards it has a small break in it above the . it makes | so yeah, i make that mistake in game, throwing the wrong item when my spear gets mapped to it and I try to throw a lower case L

Hey thanks a ton guys! That was really bugging me. I would never have guessed that it was that key, I’ve honestly never used it and the break in it’s middle threw me off.

yeah, i’ve only primarily used it in console commands for IT work, so definitely not a commonly used command and I was pretty surprised when I had to use it in this game.

I think it came with the 0.4 update IIRC.

It’s crtl+alt+< on european kaybards, btw.