>,< Buttons missing

How do i navigate the menus without these (> <) keys?
My keyboard is a german one (qwertz).
Right to the M key are ,(; ) and .(: ) no > or <.

I’m pretty sure the ‘<’ ‘>’ keys are only used in the mod selection screen during world creation, most uses of the keys were switched to tab and shift + tab. also checked online and the only German layout I seen put the <> keys next to the shift key.

The left shift key, I would expect.
Otherwise you should be able to press “?” to get to the key binding menu where you should be able to bind the keys to something else (like ö and ä, since there are’t bound to anything in the game).

Those keys also move down / up stairs by default. They see a lot of use on keyboards that don’t have a 10 key pad or dedicated pageup / pagedown set (e.g. smaller laptops)