New Corpse "Pockets" Makes Looting a Slog

The advanced inventory manager, auto-pickup, and the area item view have always been a big help in looting hordes. With the new system wherein corpses contain their items even on death makes sense, but it doesn’t play nicely with either of the major looting tools. I know there is a project in development, but I would like to hear some other thoughts on the new system and its implementation.

If there are ways to better loot with the new system that I am missing out on I would also appreciate to hear about that (It does seem like I am missing something with the new system considering how it almost totally nullifies auto-pickup and the advanced inventory system).


Also before someone mentions it I know irl I wouldn’t be able to see if a corpse has a cellphone in its pocket from across a room. I am actually really happy with how this system improves on the realism of the game. I am just struggling with looting with the new system and want to hear some thoughts on it.

Maybe the new area/zone manager and it’s automation can do something simpler than looting the corpses for you, if you feel like you want to pick and choose items vs having an AI loot for you.

Maybe make it so the AI rifles through the pockets of zombies and dumps the contents on the ground in an area vs searching and putting flagged items in your inventory/specific container?
That way you can still CTRL+V to search for specific items similarly to before where you could see through the pocket of a corpse across the room, all while keeping the current system of not being omniscient.

The exact planned solution is that you will be able to push a single button and gather, should you want it, all the loot from all the zombies into one or a few piles in a few irl seconds. There is already a feature that basically does this and we’re just debugging it now.


I have been loosely following the new zones project and it looks like an amazing idea. I also must say it is insane that it is already in the debug phase of development congrats!

The one thing that would still be nice to see would be being able to do “show contents” in the advanced inventory like you can in the “pickup” menu. This would also be helpful for stuff like going through wallets or nested inventories in the advanced inventory manager.

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