Corpses should still display items like clothes with "x" interaction

I just started playing the new experimental and I gotta say i’m not a big fan of how the new inventory/examine system has been implemented. It seems like a big reduction in quality of life since you have to press E on everything to figure out what they are, which might not seem a big problem at face value having to spend a few extra seconds but when you add up all the time spent pressing e and moving to everything, the stuff adds up into alot of time. Like with money, a single penny might not seem worth much but if you added up all the loose change you spent in a year, you’d have at least $100.
However the thing i’m most worried about is that it could lead to some major tactical disadvantages in combat or risk miscalculations if you don’t even know what you’re risking your life for. For example if you see a corpse with a group of zombies nearby you might risk looting it only to find the corpse was basically naked, or be caught in fight or flight situation where you could be banking on a soldier corpse having dropped a weapon only to find a few filthy clothes.

TLDR: It doesn’t make any sense from a logical point of view how your character can’t even know what a corpse is wearing without going directly right up to it. I could understand not being able to see what is inside pockets, but you’d think at least any armor its wearing would be apparently obvious.

Is there any way to turn off not being able to examine corpses from a distance like in previous versions? Or even just have them dump all their stuff like in before when they collapse?


Honestly needing to walk up and examine corpses to see into their pockets is a huge QoL failure in my eyes. Is kneeling over individual corpses to find ID cards more realistic? Sure. But it’s terribly annoying.

We don’t need realism everywhere. I don’t want to take my pants off to pee multiple times a day, and I want this inspection minigame even less.


In other side we have zombies that dont drop all loot after death. Yes? I think there experimental build talk? (I love my 0.F-3)

i’m fine pizzing and shidding if the game could somehow automatically unequip and reequip my pants for me. just press the “shit here” button and if you get interrupted you’re not wearing pants