New Butchered Organs Don't Need Fire to Become Cooked

The title says it all: All of the new organs you can get from butchering (except for brains?) don’t require a fire source to craft into their cooked varieties, meaning that you can cook them without a fire/hobo stove/chemistry set/etc.

I think they also retain the parasite flag if some chatter in the discord is any indicator. MM brain parasites.

"id": "brain",
"type": "COMESTIBLE",
"copy-from": "lung",
"looks_like": "offal",
"name": "raw brains",
"name_plural": "raw brains",
"description": "The brain from an animal.  You wouldn't want to eat this raw...",
"color": "light_gray",
"healthy": -15,
"quench": 10,
"fun": -20,
"parasites": 100,
"calories": 78,
"vitamins": [ [ "vitA", 0 ], [ "vitC", 2 ], [ "calcium", 1 ], [ "iron", 8 ], [ "vitB", 54 ] ]

“id”: “brain_cooked”,
“type”: “COMESTIBLE”,
“copy-from”: “brain”,
“looks_like”: “offal_cooked”,
“name”: “cooked brains”,
“name_plural”: “cooked brains”,
“description”: “Now you can emulate those zombies you love so much!”,
“parasites”: 15,
“healthy”: -2,
“fun”: -8

As you can see here, cooking the brains, only REDUCES the amount of parasites…it’s never a good idea to eat brains.
but acording to this:
“type”: “recipe”,
“result”: “brain_cooked”,
“charges”: 1,
“category”: “CC_FOOD”,
“subcategory”: “CSC_FOOD_MEAT”,
“skill_used”: “cooking”,
“difficulty”: 1,
“time”: 45000,
“autolearn”: true,
“qualities”: [ { “id”: “COOK”, “level”: 1 } ],
“tools”: [ [ [ “surface_heat”, 100, “LIST” ] ] ],
“components”: [ [ [ “brain”, 1 ] ] ]
It should require some kinda heat source to craft.

I wondered how my character got parasites. It was all that organ flesh I was gulping down in a desperate bid to get some Vit A

Liver, kidneys, heart, that stuff should he fine. Brains lead to prion diseases,


Freezing might help with that, when I came across some raw frozen human flesh (don’t ask) it was specifically labeled as parasite free because it had been frozen.

Edit: it says deep freezing, not sure what difference that makes or how it’s achieve if it does

Unless you’re a cannibal most prion disorders aren’t communicable to humans, I think the big exception is Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow) but I’d have to actually look that up to confirm it. (Looked it up: its transmits vCJD to humans so the same applies here as below)

As for human-borne prion disorders: kuru is mostly contained in one small region and dying out as ritual cannibalism is being phased out, CJD wouldn’t add anything meaningful to the game if implemented except dying a slow and somewhat painful death.

There are a few other hereditary prion disorders that I learned of while confirming mad cow is transmissible to humans but they are so rare as to be non-existent.

Sometimes I wonder why I chose to learn so much about prion disorders since its mostly useless and inapplicable to anything I do :unamused:

This thread reminds me that we need at least one class of zombie that suffers spontaneous human combustion upon death - maybe an advanced evolution of the smoker?

Those would be an amusing terror when encountered indoors or in other highly flammable environments.

I believe that we do infact have those zombies that walk around with a flame thrower, leaking napalm where ever they go. They probably explode if you kill them with a firearm.

Never tried, so don’t hold me to that.

Because everyone knows all you need to cook a heart is the heat of your passion.

I don’t know if I’d ever want to eat a brain given that it’s almost exclusively nerve tissue, which feels like it would be a very uncomfortable thing to pass through your digestive system regularly.

You’re missing out. Brain tacos. Eat them.

Just grind it up and put it into something, you won’t taste it.

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Please change that horrifying thing you call a profile pic, lmao I’m already freaked out from the giant spiders in-game, I don’t need to have nightmares about a spider dog…

I just wanted to show what would happen if you drank canine mutagen and spider mutagen at the same time.