Brains: A useful thing

This is just a random somewhat goofy idea I thought of one time. What if all those dead things had a prober use for their brain? IRL people will eat monkey brains, so that’s one example. (Unless offals count as that then it’s a bit different.) Or perhaps you’re a weirdo/crazy person who desires to put the heads of your victims on spikes to deter those pesky NPCs that just wander into your house and try and steal your stuff. Or you simply want a brain in a jar, that works too! Maybe, your feel really sad you bestest buddy got munched on by a zombie, so you make a little robot body for him, and his/her brain is inside controlling them.
Like I said, this is just some random idea I thought of, but if nothing else the last idea isn’t too unrealistic for this game. Obviously it’s very far in the future or something, and while you’d need to be super smart I’m sure you could figure it out.

I can immediately think of a good reason why this is a terrible idea, and its called Mad Cow Disease (or in the case of humans, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease). And the second reason is called Kuru, which is specifically spread by humans eating each others brains.

These neuro-degenerative diseases are incurable and very horrible ways to die. Like, these things are up there. In fact, being eaten alive by zombies might be preferable than these, because at least its quicker and you die as yourself, not a shell of what you used to be.

Though this does remind me of the idea that the head scientists in the XEDRA project cloned themselves in order to survive the apocalypse. Maybe they uploaded their brains into computers or something?

So just another horrible way to die? It fits.

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One thing I know brains can be used for is tanning hides. I’ve heard it said everything has enough brains in it’s head to tan it’s own hide.

Well eating brains isn’t the only thing you could do, after all I suggested some other things. I think one of the mutation trees has something that would be compatible with making people immune to said terrible diseases. Also, side question, what skills do you need to be able to make mutagen? Did it change or something, since I can’t make it anymore with the stats I thought it required. I have cooking 10 BTW

You probably haven’t memorised the recipe, so you’ll need a recipe book.
I’ve made hundreds of units of the stuff, and I still haven’t memorised it.

If Psionics ever get added to the game, I’d love to see the ability to get them by eating the brains of psychic creatures. Sorta like how ingesting enough blob is supposed to mutate you.

Probably never gonna happen, though.

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Another side question: How does tainted tornado work now? I haven’t used the stuff for a VERY long time, and now the system for it working seems to change. Previously it’d give me some nasty effects and mutate me somehow, now it just seems to give me even worser nasty effects and no mutation. Any help? I want to eventually get to the point where I is a tree person! Mmmm, dirt.

I am also wondering about this. Recently started experimenting with tainted tornado for the first time. I have choked down about 20 servings so far (with robust genetics) and haven’t gotten any mutations.

Don’t understand why Nether mutations are out of the question, they have strange abilities that are supernatural/psionic.

This right here. From what I’ve gathered, the policy on psionics is one of two things:
1: Completely out of the question
2: No one tried to implement it because no one could come up with a good explanation.

I used to think it was 2, but now I’m almost positive it is 1.

Why would it be out of the question though? In many cases pysonic powers are effectively the sci-fi version of magic, so I see no reason why it would be so. Especially (even if it isn’t directly in-game) there is the arcana mod.

The idea is lack of a proper scientific explanation.

There’s also the fact that psionics are generally a “Human” thing, and since they don’t exist IRL, they can’t exist in game. This has a simple fix; make Psionics blob-powered, and have it use the already established 4th dimensional physics in the lore to operate. This happens to be why I thought it was originally scenario 2, but I highly doubt I’m the first to think of this.

Alright, Kevin said no psionics was a “Bright Line”. I’m assuming he meant “Fine Line”, as in “This can’t happen.”

If I thought I could get anywhere, I’d actually post my ideas on the board. I’m making a game currently, and psionics are a big part of it, so I feel I could apply some of the things I’ve done there to Cata.

–I’ve thought of a game myself that I desire to make with many ideas getting heavily based off of CDDA. Obviously I won’t tell my ideas to the public cuz then any could just copy them and sell it as there own. And just because I think someone won’t doesn’t mean they will.
–It will be hard to convince me that there is a good reason not to have phyonics in the Cataclysm universe, since in my opinion it only adds to the game. Maybe, these rare and powerful abilities possessed by humans is the reason the blob are here perhaps.
–For a game like this adding these kinda of powers into the game and making it lore friendly wouldn’t need much brain power. Now straight up magic I could see being a mod and only ever a mod in this game, since it is admittedly off topic of the game. But like I’ve said, physonic powers are often the sci-fi version of magic.

I agree completely and totally.

Okay, what the hell? I never posted that comment.

Gonna see if I can delete that…

Well, using the revival capabilities of the blob you could do this without having to upload your brain. Just stop the blob from taking over your body/mind. Pref by putting in some cybernetics. The broken cyborg monsters were the first tests of this. Which … didn’t go great. : (Imagine that but now the robots and brains selfrepair and revive resp).

In my headcanon the researchers wanted to create systems that made them semi immortal etc. But there simply was not enough time.

OR! We haven’t added it yet.
A mostly insane semi-immortal scientist sounds like it would fit right in.

You could ‘hack’ it in. Create a unique NPC that remembers how often you killed it, who only shows up in the clone vats area of the labs. (will have to add a few pieces of furniture there).

Sudden thought:
Pink and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain. NARF! Love that show.