Firetrucks aren't coded to spawn anywhere

This came up in a different thread. Thought I’d add it here, since its a quick fix for someone working today.

[quote=“Ian Strachan, post:10, topic:4356”][quote=“Dominae, post:9, topic:4356”]Along the same lines as “_____ is so rare” …

Anyone EVER seen a Fire Engine spawn in game? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one, yet they’re in the JSON file.[/quote]

A quick search of the code shows that they don’t yet spawn at all. Not even in parking lots (the normal place to find ultra-rare vehicles).

Probably an oversight on the part of whoever added them.[/quote]

The real solution to this is to add a “firehouse” building spawn, similar to a public works or suchlike.

It might have a firetruck, or not, metal or reinforced glass doors as one wall of a garage. Plus an office with some benches, lockers, computer terminals (broken or not, but I’m not sure what the working ones would do). Maybe an awesome fire axe! Bright or dark red "F"s and "f"s.

I’ll write it down for later if noone makes it now :stuck_out_tongue: !

Zombie dogs (Dalmatians) too?! lol

YEAH! :smiley: Whee! New content ahoy! FTW!

Can’t wait to slide down the fire pole when z-levels come out lul.

How about fire gauntlets, fire safety suits and fire helmets?


I’ve got git open; shouldn’t be too long. “Firetrucks need spawned.” On it.

Sorry if I hijacked the thread into suggestions – let’s all go post the firehouse ideas in that forum!

wanders off…

P.S. Edit: Thanks KA101! Way to be ON IT cheesy high five !!!

OK, two hours wasn’t so bad. PR’d.

Talking about suggestions, check that: