Never-to-be-completed List of Things You Can Do (NLTYCD)

Hi all! I played Cata a lot and thought that I know all things my character can do in game (what a mistake!), but despite that there are always something new I can find and reveal - mostly by chance. So I thought a little list like this can help not only to newbies, but experienced players too. Feedback and suggestions are welcome and I’ll add them if there is need in it.
Warning: there may be some spoilers (or annoying obvious things) ahead!


[ul][li]You can ‘E’at all items under FOOD and DRUGS category[/li]
[li]You can heat up food and drinks like tea or coffee with heat pack, hotplate, survivor mess kit, coffeemaker and some other tools by ‘a’ctivating these tools. Heated up food and drinks give you a positive morale modifier[/li]
[li]If you ever encounter a working fridge (or craft it yourself), you can cool drinks like lemonade or some alcohol in it. Just put your drinks in the fridge, wait for a couple of turns and take them. Cooled drinks give you a larger positive morale modifier than regular drinks give.[/li][/ul]

CLOTHING, ARMOR and the like

[ul][li]If you got wet because of rain or got covered in goo, you can use towel to clean yourself up by ‘a’ctivating it. Being wet for prolonged time can make you catch a flu[/li]
[li]You can store your weapons in various-sized holsters by ‘a’ctivating holster. You can also store knives in some boots by ‘a’ctivating boots[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]You can use firearm repair kit to repair and accurize (works only on fully repaired items) your firearms[/li]
[li]You can apply weapon mods to your firearm by ‘a’ctivating them. You can also remove installed mods by ‘a’ctivating your modded firearm[/li]
[li]You can use kinetic bullet puller to disassemble your ammo by ‘a’ctivating this tool[/li]
[li]If you modded your firearm with shoulder strap, then you can ‘W’ear this weapon like a clothing to free up some volume[/li][/ul]


[ul][li]You can use bone needle, wooden needle, sewing kit or tailor’s kit to repair items made of cotton, wool, leather or fur. All these tools can also be used to fit your clothes or armor (works only on fully repaired items) to reduce encumbrance. Tailor’s kit can also be used to modify your clothes or armor by adding padding, lining etc[/li]
[li]You can use welding rig or soldering iron to repair and make sturdier (works only on fully repaired items) items made of metal, plastic or kevlar[/li]
[li]You can use basic repair kit or toolbox to repair and make sturdier (works only on fully repaired items) items made of wood, bone or chitin[/li]
[li]You can use crowbar or halligan bar to pry doors, windows or crates by ‘a’ctivating these tools and then selecting destination[/li]
[li]You can use bolt cutters to cut through wire fence by ‘a’ctivating them and then selecting destination[/li]
[li]You can use picklock to crack locks and stethoscope to crack safes[/li]
[li]You can use MP3-player to listen to music and play games on hand-held game device. All this can be done by ‘a’ctivating them and this will give you big positive morale modifier[/li]
[li]You can use eyeglasses, binoculars or fire drill to start a fire by ‘a’ctivating them. The first two tools require direct sunlight to work, though[/li]
[li]You can use screwdriver to detach battery mods from your modded items by 'a’ctivating it[/li][/ul]

How… how did I never discover this??? Nifty.

Here are some things which I discovered some tools can do:

Bolt Cutters: Activate these on yourself to neatly sever all of the veins and arteries in your character’s body.
Mops: Activate these on these on yourself and the universe while implode and reform around your character.

You can use a picklock on yourself to clean up your sinuses. Likewise, you can use a crowbar on yourself to try to open your wallet, which does nothing.

wide wheel is \o/ this wide

[quote=“Valiant, post:1, topic:9334”]You can use welding rig to repair and make sturdier (works only on fully repaired items) items made of metal, plastic or kevlar[/quote]You can also do the same with a soldering iron. Additionally, with the masochist trait, you can use a soldering iron to cauterize yourself for fun, giving a moral bonus in exchange for pain and damage.

More fun things that can be done:

Using a lighter, box of matches or a matchbook on yourself will tell you that “You would set yourself on fire. But you’re already smokin’ hot.” (Discovered this when I was originally trying to figure out how to cauterize a wound).

There is a permanent marker in the game. However, using it to write “Elbereth” on the floor probably won’t help you.

And an actually useful one that I need to do more: Pressing Shift + 5 (Which for me is % but may be different for you depending on your keyboard) will bring up a Quick Action menu, which will allow you to do things such as heat up food, sew, pry open objects, pick locks without needing to dig through your inventory for the needed item. As long as you have the item on hand (or possibly nearby) you can use the respective quick action. There’s even a quick action to smoke or snort meth! How wonderful.

Pressing Shift + 5 (Which for me is % but may be different for you depending on your keyboard)

The binding is for ‘%’, not for Shift + 5. Shift + 5 just happens to be ‘%’ on your keyboard, people with other keyboards might need to press other keys, because the key binding is still to ‘%’ for them, so the need to input ‘%’.

Same for all other key bindings. In fact, the ncurses interface does not even know about the shift key at all, all it gets is ASCII/Unicode input from the terminal.

Oh, whoops! My bad, I wasn’t quite sure how it worked, thank you for clearing that up!