Never put a gallon jug of cheap wine on the floor

And start a fire in order to read the Pitching a Tent in a sealed room in an apartment tower at night :frowning:

First post!!

Fireplaces or gas masks and braziers are your friends.

You know what’s really fun? The inventory automatically sorts things by category, then alphabetically. I can’t tell you the number of times I accidentally burned down a building I was trying to break into because “lighter” was typically right before “lockpick”.

Name your lighter ‘Rethgil’. It even sounds like an Angband artefact.

I always reassign commonly used items. My sewing kit, for example, is a, because it will be the number one spammed item early-midgame before I’ve gotten to the point I can reinforce everything.

Does no one use woodstoves anymore? Am I the only one? All the let’s players and all the king’s men never use them. They’re so cheap and useful it blows my mind.

I’ll use a woodstove if I find one in a secure location, such as a basement, but otherwise, dragging them takes too much time and makes too much noise, and grinding the (now obsolete) construction skill just for a woodstove when burning on the ground produced the same effect honestly felt a tremendous waste of time. Of course, construction has been removed as of the latest build, so it’s probably been changed to a fabrication based furniture now, and I usually grind fabrication to at least 3 within the first week (so long as a character lasts that long), which means I might start making them now.

This. My sewing kit is e, my mycus fruits are D, my gun is a, my scabbard is b, my sword is w, etc.

Ayone else see, “Never put a gallon jug of cheap wine on the floor…” and think, “or give a mouse a cookie”?

Woodstoves are something that I do actually use often. A brazier’s fine if it’s just like, the evac shelter or something. And I’m very thorough about making sure that the item I click on is the right one beforehand, heh. Haven’t reassigned a single inventory slot in all the time I’ve played Cata.

Stoves improve fire efficiency: once the fire has nothing to consume, it dies at extra speed (3 times at fast), unless it is in a stove or fireplace.