Thank God for Whoever

I made a wood stove in my Public Works building I’m living in. I accidentally set my wood pile on fire. I grabbed all the wood from the location but the fire was still there. So I jumped into the fire and dumped my canteen on the fire… lo and behold… it worked!!! So thank God for whoever implemented THAT code! :slight_smile:

This is good to know, who cares about getting lit on fire and third degree burns? I’d rather go up in flames myself than have my piles and piles of loot go off in a series of explosions. I rarely ever actually pick up a fire extinguisher, and most of those times I put it back down wondering why I grabbed it in the first place.

While low priority I like to grab a fire extinguisher when I have the space. I put it next to my cooking location, so before I start to cook I can grab and equip it, so that it’s ready in case of emergencies.

Of course it still hasn’t always worked out right . . .

Fire extinguisher is often the first melee weapon I get my hands on… habitual from working many shifts aboard Space Station 13.