NeoDays zoom level

Some time ago it changed so you can’t zoom quite as near as you could previously and still can in, say, ultica. Instead you can zoom out way “higher” than before. It’s like zoom multiplier was increased by 1 level of zoom, so to say. Was it an oversight or was it decided for some reason that’s how it should be?

Pretty sure nothing changed regarding zoom levels.

Current version max zoom level (b11373). Visible screen is ~37 tiles wide.

Latest version I’ve been using in 2020 (b11305). Max zoom level. Screen width is ~20 tiles.

If I select Ultica in current build, it is 11.5 tiles wide, or, in other words, about 2 times “closer” than even old ND settings. Now, I’m not mad about that because ultica is way more detailed. But the fact I’ve been robbed one zoom level from ND is really irritating.

looks like a bug

your UI size is different so you likely have a different terminal size setting on each build, try copying your config file to the other build and see if you can replicate this then

Nope. Checked later with same config, still different zoom (same as in pictures).

:confused: this is 41.5 tiles at 1920x1080 and closest zoom with the labels narrow setting for me

Well, we all have different settings and different resolutions.
The thing is, on the same settings (i copy-pasted whole config folder into old build dir) I get to 18.5 tiles width zoom in old builds vs 37 tiles in new. That’s almost 2 times difference.