Needful things (simple additions to improve the game)

Point bonus in wrold creation screen, so you don’t have to change the initial points in the options menu and you can feel, slightly, legit increasing points… like say give yourself 1 extra point cause fast zombies, zombie nightvision, 10.0 monster spawn rate .01 loot chance, wander spawns, and random npcs

We’re looking to remove enumerated “points” in favor of an abstracted difficulty rating. But no, it’s not an easy thing to program & balance properly.

It feels sort of irritating to have all these mod-slots on our guns and no mods to use with them. A bunch of craftable gun mods would be really satisfying, even if they they were over-specialised or inefficient and made the overall gun performance inferior in most respects.

Yes. I did say canisters, not grenades.

I’m happy enough with 40mm acid bombs and 40mm buckshot, but I hate to have to pick up used brass all the time.
Guess I’ll use a launcher that ejects casings and attach a brass catcher.

Yes. I did say canisters, not grenades.[/quote]
The grenade payload itself is pretty easy to make, it’s the propulsion method that is difficult to make, and if you don’t use a high-low system you suffer from the problems I’ve stated here.

Now, if you could carefully pull apart a premade 40mm, then you’d probably be able to leave the chambers intact, at which point you could jury rig other payloads/ammunition types into the intact casing.

Craftable mods would be fairly limited–bipods, grips, etc. This came up elsewhere and hit the no-precision-machining ban in the design doc.

Hi everyone

This is a tiny, easy change that I’d appreciate as I notice it every time I see it.
(I feel like I should do it myself but could not work it out :s )

nauseous is a word describing something that makes you feel sick.
nauseated is a what you feel when you see something nauseous.

Can we please change the word “nauseous” in the following instances to the word “nauseated”, as it looks to me that the intention is to say that the character feels sick, rather than that the character would make other people feel sick.

(there might be more, these where what came up when I searched on github)

Showing the top match. Last indexed on 9 Jan.
“desc”: [“Your stomach is extremely upset, and you are quite nauseous.”],
“miss_messages”: [[“Your stomach bothers you.”, 1]],
“rating”: “bad”,

Showing the top match. Last indexed 16 days ago.
“points” : -3,
“description” : “You feel nauseous almost constantly, and are more liable to throw up from food poisoning, alcohol, etc. You can, if desired, think yourself into vomiting, too.”,

Thank you kindly

A ‘Local’ trait that you can take in chargen that starts your overmap with the equivalent of a survivor’s map and a road map.
and a ‘Foreigner’ trait that forces your starting revealed map area to the tile you’re on, but you start with a tourist’s map in your inventory.

This is getting off-topic.

Do we have giant mutated fish yet? I think that those are needed…

[quote=“RAM, post:1593, topic:5570”]This is getting off-topic.

Do we have giant mutated fish yet? I think that those are needed…[/quote]
yes we have fish mutt and no one EVER USES IT CUS IT SUCKS @_@ or at lest that’s what I think of it xP maybe there some pro fish players out there

Both opposition fish and a Fish mutcat, yeah.

Well, as I’ve found in my own experiences, its cool and all that you can chill out in water but 9/10 times you can’t hardly build anything and you just get incredibly fast and powerful sea monsters that want to nom on you. This game is not made for living in water at all.

Semi-easy task (it’d take me a little while): add a function to test whether the PC has gills/some other form of indefinite underwater O2; probably needs goggles/membrane for vision as well. Run this when trying to Do Stuff underwater, rather than returning the “No Underwater Stuff” denial. Eating/drinking would be separate and probably post-thresh.

KA101 is pleased to note that the vibrator is waterproof and thus usable underwater, provided you have a way to breathe.

Loaded games should remember toggleable mutations’ status.
Or at least make nightvision on by default!

[quote=“Murphy, post:1598, topic:5570”]Loaded games should remember toggleable mutations’ status.
Or at least make nightvision on by default![/quote]
Simple additions.

Speaking of simple additions, recipes that take ammonia and lye powder probably should take them in equal proportion, not 1:10 like it currently is (1 ammonia or 100 lye, making 1 ammonia takes 10 lye).


Cures Daturia poisoning
helps fight drug overdoses
and helps with memory.

I bet this has been asked earlier, but my gunslinger needs badly some western firearms like Peacemaker.

You should check out the Leadworks catalog, then. We’ve got several nice autorevolvers and a lever-action rifle for just this eventuality!

And a fine job they do upholding Colt’s tradition in making tools to the frontier, but maybe a rare spawn in museum or mansion in display couldn’t hurt…?

Yeah, having a Single Action Army would be a nice thing, they’re vintage firearms and could be reasonably expected to be owned by a collector. A Winchester 1886 or an 1887 would be pretty cool too.