Need help with my character, walking makes him moderately tired

So, I started a new world in the latest update avalaible from CDDA Launcher.

Activities that led to the bug (?):

  • generated a new world and created a new character
  • after appearing in the world, I began to explore it
  • I found an orchard
  • as I killed a chicken, I took drawers out of the building
  • after hauling the drawers to place in the light of car’s headlights, which was parked in front of the orchard, I proceeded to butchery with my butchers knife
  • from the moment I released the drawers, I noticed that from time to time a square appears next to my character as in the picture
  • In addition, I noticed that walking causes moderate fatigue, which led to me not being able to play on this save.

Also when i press ESC the square shows up also

You shifted the view of your character, that’s why there’s a square to indicate the new center position.
Move it back (center on character) and the square will dissapear. Assuming you didn’t change the keybinding around, it’s probably a matter of pressing SHIFT+L once to move it back to the right, or : to center on character.

Please explain/specify what you mean by that. What prevents you from keep playing this character?

Do you see the car in the picture? After sleeping in it i walked that distance from car and he is already down to light tiredness and almost to average.
In previous update I played, walking didnt cause character to be tired.

Tiredness or Weariness? Those are two different stats.
In case of weariness, was your weariness level “Fresh” (and a filled weariness transition bar) after sleeping? Butchering and dragging the furniture could have exhausted your character more than what can be replenished within a night of sleep.