Stamina drain on walk

Seems that good old thing is back, walking seems to drain stamina now, can barely make it 30 squares without being out of breath. Takes almost an entire minute just to move off of a grass tile. Fighting? Ehk.

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Can’t even ride my bike for 5 squares or more on 6km speed. Had to regrettably reset my world because of that.

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Think the ‘fix’ for vehicle stamina drain actually broke it and made it worse?

Ehh Idk, I was doing fine on my deleted playthrough (6 days survival time) before I updated.

Ya, from the looks of it you only regenerate stamina once you have stamina, if you’re out of stamina you have to rest, or wait around forever to get some back.

Huh, I regenerated my stamina using the wait button and pressing “wait until you catch your breath”. But the point (stamina drain) still stands.
Welp, I’ll have to start again.

Oh and I remembered screenshotting this. My character tried to shoot an arrow and got this message.