Jury Rigged Lighting

It seems that there is constantly an issue without being able to light up even a single decent sized room without needing to use mechanics. How about simply adding in a jury rigged light using a car battery, some head lights, and some wiring? House hold lights do not work from my 15 mins of reading. They don’t have the proper wattage.
Random thoughts I have on how to accomplish this without too much trouble… Create the light using wires and a car battery. Deploy it like a trap. What it would actually create is a specialized vehicle which cannot be modified except for adding batteries. That way you don’t have to code a way for it to recognize the batteries’ power in the crafting code. Does this make sense from a coding standpoint?

Why not just use car battery compartment mod + flashlight?

Best option for this is still either a craftable or constructable worklight thats a vehicle “under the hood”, but it pretends to be furniture.

Blaze’s mod adds a “wiring” vehicle part that mimics a wire laid down. You could use that to make “lamps”.

@Coolthulhu Because that will eat up all my battereies. I can charge car batteries by placing them in a car at least.

Foldable battery with extra light frame and light with control?

the battery compartment mod lets an item take small and medium storage batteries, which can be charged by attaching them to a car.

That’s cool, but this should be able to take almost any type of large battery. I see what you mean with the battery compartment. I still think we need a low skill version as it doesn’t take much skill to hook some wires to a car battery and a light bulb.

Except now in a more recent version car batteries no longer fit in these mods.

car batteries never fit, small and medium storage batteries are what fit, so loot a solar car and disassemble it’s storage battery into medium storage batteries

I’d love to place some wires on the ground that lead from an in-door light to a solar panel outside. Just have them go right under the front door. Instead you constantly have to figure out a way to charge your vehicle/car battery/flashlight combo by using batteries with a mod or constantly moving the damn thing outside to charge, then back in. I want to build permanent, automated lights that charge on their own!

Use jumper cables.
The heavy duty variant has 20 tile range and can go through walls (it only checks range and z-level).

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:12, topic:13821”]Use jumper cables.
The heavy duty variant has 20 tile range and can go through walls (it only checks range and z-level).[/quote]

Why was I not aware of this!? You just single-handedly changed the way I plan to light my home from now on! Now if only someone could add in some Christmas lights for me to hang all over my base.

Aisle lights are basically more boring christmas lights.

Red and blue lights off of police cars and ambulances. Not quite christmas lights but still.

Now that I have a little mechanical skill I setup a foldable generator/light system. I’m living underground and only have a rolling welder.