Necropolis loot

Is there any reason to go through and raid a necropolis?

I just spent a long while raiding a necropolis killing 2900 irradiated wanderers to come away with 1 good bionic, 2 laser pistols, and alot of basic materials i could find basically anywhere.

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The vault armory is the only place where laser gun mods will spawn, and I think there are a pair of missions down there.

Other than that theres no point in ever going down there.

theres a chance a welder will spawn, and imo, we should be upping the chance that other uncommon bitties spawn too

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I found a Can Sealer down there once. This was back before they could be crafted and were among the rarest items in the game (second only to the Granade, I think).

Well, I liked how those guys drop M1911. If my world had static NPCs, I could’ve sold them.
They also drop some ammo and random stuff, so the Necropolis is not really useless, but yeah, it would be nice to see some rare loot inside.

It’s currently one of the only RPG-7 spawn locations.

Its really obnoxious to get to.

Laggy on the surface.
Large amounts of land taken away from other spawns.
Eats a road.
Laggy below the surface.
Self-Feeding hordes if you have wanderers on.
Oodles of loot that is useless (9mm may as well be as common as nails down there).
Lots of empty filler space (say the dorms)
No good way to deal with the hordes of IRs.
Insta-bleed CNs.
NPCs that die off due to it being unfair down there.

The list goes on. I would rather see a lot of chances for rare loot down there, and make things like can sealer not craftable and spawn there.


Well to deal with the hordes you can use a decent set of armor and a martial art that counterattacks and you make short work of the hordes… i killed over 100 without having to do anything. granted i did get damaged slightly while doing that but it made it exceptionally quick to kill them all. I had about lv 5 unarmed and 6 dodging when i entered and left with 8 dodging a 7 unarmed.

The lag is a major issue but lessened alot by turning z-levels off.

My biggest issue is just that there are only a couple areas where anything other that super common loot can be found. You can find some good books in the small library that is there but other than that and the armory there aint sht worth looting

IMO, the only things worth looting in a Necropolis are the Beam Scatterer (lowers Laser range for higher damage) and the High Density Capacitor (consumes more energy for higher damage).

The rest?

Plasma Rifle: You’d never fire this. The ammo is one of the rarest spawns in the game, and this projectile causes a raging fire that destroys loot.
EMP Projector: Might be worth looting, but it’s likely you’ll never need this weapon. Plus, I found one on some dead scientists.
Leadworks Weapons: Honestly, does anyone even use these?
Rivtech Weapons: I got all mine in Labs, thank you very much.
Fusion Gun (I think it can be found here): Again, destroys loot. Causes a massive explosion making it useless at close range. Better off with a Fusion Blaster Rifle, or hell, even the Arm.
Electrolaser Conversion: Why the hell would you EVER use this? It makes Lasers less lethal and makes their ammo have the Beanbag Effect. Does that even effect the living dead? I’d much rather have an actual military grade Electrolaser, please.
Crap that can be easily found elsewhere: Curse you RNG!

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The Necropolis is jsonized. Look in data/json/mapgen/necropolis

It uses density instead of repeat to place monsters.

Halving the density parameter seems to cut the horde of irradiated wanderers down to size.

Also the necropolis uses place_loot without “repeat”: a lot.