That Moment in the Necropolis

Yeah, I have no freaking idea where the hell the down stairs are for the second floor. Can anyone help me?

iirc machine shop?

try that or going through the central hub to the various outlying structures

I’ve got to hand it to you, PK. Pretty sure your mod turned the Necropolis from a long haul into a radioactive nightmare. I’m gaining RADs like mad.

I’m not sure the Necropolis actually has a third floor, I’m currently in one and I’ve not seen any stars that aren’t blocked.

Its supposed to have one, according to the json docs. Unless the Sewers count as a basement…And I’m gonna be really pissed if that’s true because I was told that the Laser Mods might be down here.

I found a laser mod inside the armory in the barracks of the first floor, have you looked there?

I already found a Can Sealer (my second one ever) and if I did find those mods, that’d be just gravy.

Update: Found nothing here that couldn’t be found anywhere else. I guess that’s the disappointing part, really. Kinda wish those Laser Mods could be found elsewhere, like in Lab Finales. But hey, I got a Can Sealer. I can put meat into Tin Cans now!