How tough is the necropolis?

I found a city with a bunch of irradiated wanderers, and since Those are said to be signs of necropolises, I went into the city. I’m still on the surface level, and I think I’m near endgame. Ive got a full chain mail suit, gas-mask, and gamebso for protection, hooves, indefatigable, and cold blooded/ for the combat affecting mutations. I’ve got six-ish skill with my Naginata, and for robots and long distance threats I have a plasma grenade launcher with 80 ammo left. Ive got no combat bionics worth mentioning, besides a passive strength booster, a mini flamethrower, a water extractor and leukocyte breeding program(my health is always at 100). I also have a control laptop I made and zombie pheromone, but i haven’t used the laptop due to its short range. Can I take on the necropolis? Ive got no idea whats inside of it.

I think you can. I don’t want to spoiler anything , but there are a lot of wanderers underground.

If you can kill a wanderer easily or better they can’t wound you, you will be fine, 99.9% of the enemies are wanderers. But there are hundreds of them, boredom can force you to leave the necropolis. I cleared one NP only, my kill count was 862 and after that i killed them off with a debug option, because it was so boring to waste my time to hack up yet another horde of non-dangerous obstacles called irradiated wanderers…

Take tailoring kit and food with you, they will damage your weaker clothes (but they drop plenty of rag materials) and you will be there for days.

Huh? First time I hear about a thing called Necropolis. What is it, even? Can I read something about it?

A Necropolis is basically a pregenerated small town with a few buildings in a square shape covered in a special zombie called an irradiated wanderer. Find your way downstairs and there’s a shitload more wanderers and rooms filled with basically every kind of loot and maybe some death robots. Pretty good loot, but not nearly worth it considering the sheer number of wanderers. Consider bringing explosives, fire, traps, anything that can wipe out a few hundred of something.

In my experience with a Necropolis with Crazy Jack, Tiger Style is great for a Necropolis because you get bonuses for racking up kills and not moving. And you’ll often be swarmed by so many irradiated wanderers that you’ll be forced to funnel them into a 1-tile entrance and fight them one at a time, so turtling using Tiger Style is incredibly useful.

Of the things that make you wish there was a weapon capable of over penetrating multiple enemies it’s this place.

I’ve met some of the wanderers somewhere, but… how do I know the town is exactly a necropolis?

When you find a rectangular town that has no name and has irradiated wanderers, you’ll know you’ve found it.

You will also immediately know when in said vicinity the game if you have a-levels active starts to really slow down and there is usually a constant source of noise.

You can modify some of the wanderer spawn chances:

Thanks! Ive cleared out the first floor, and the biggest problems were that I was low on food and my backpack kept on getting destroyed. Good thing I didn’t need to pulp any corpses.

I use krav maga for most combat simply due to the flat damage bonuses, but I’m hoping to learn the animal styles and niten ichi ryu since those sound stupidly powerful. I one shotted about 80 percent of the time, so it wasnt difficult, just extremely tedious.